Join Us in helping protect and preserve Provincetown's beauty.

Provincetown is a special place. Our history, culture and people attract many to this small Cape Cod paradise. But it's Provincetown's natural beauty, home to a great variety of native flora and fauna, that sets us apart from other destinations. Without our wetlands, uplands and our protected seashore, Provincetown wouldn't be well...Provincetown. Please join us on October 19th for our Annual "Green" Party, where over complimentary wine, beer and appetizers you'll hear about some of our plans to help protect and preserve this paradise we call home. Consider a donation to help the Conservation Trust continue our mission in preserving the land which have attracted people to Provincetown for generations.   


The Red Inn

Built in 1805 on beautiful Provincetown Harbor, THE red INN has welcomed guests since 1915, including President and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt. 

Donate to the PCT today!

With a donation to the PCT, you'll be helping preserve wetlands which are home to some of the most unique fauna and flora in the world. For instance, the Dragon's mouth orchid (pictured above). Provincetown is one of only a few locations in New England where it is found. Your donation helps us preserve the amazing natural habitat surrounding Provincetown!