We devote our time and our energy and our funds. And we very much need your help! 

We need volunteers for the following categories

  • Land stewardship

  • Photography

  • Corks to trees

  • Membership drives

  • Parties/events planning

  • Property clean-ups

  • Grant searches/applications

  • Publicity

  • Environmental research

  • Plant & animal identification and counts

  • Signage design

  • School outreach

We all need to work together and individually to maintain as much peaceful, inspiring, natural, unpolluted land as we can in Provincetown, on the Cape, on our planet.

Celine Gandolfo


Would you like to be the Steward of a Provincetown Conservation Trust property? Stewards "adopt" a conservation property, get together with friends and family to keep it free of trash, report plant or animal sightings, and take photos and videos. Be a Steward and report on your adopted property to the Trustees.

Some of the properties currently needing Stewards are owned by the PCT; for others, owned by the Town of Provincetown, the PCT holds conservation restrictions. The PCT holds conservation restrictions on some private properties with public access, other properties are conservation areas that are not open to public access.

Right now, the Snail Road Woods (formerly Sateriale property), Foss Woods, Nicky's Park (off Harry Kemp Way), and the Shankpainter Ponds Conservation Area (formerly the Patrick property off Route 6) are among the properties needing stewardship. 

Contact Jim McCullen, Stewardship Director


Volunteers are needed year-round to collect and sort wine corks. The Corks to Trees projects keeps corks out of the waste stream and selling them provides funds for replanting Provincetown open spaces with native trees, shrubs and other vegetation. 

The PCT has sold thousands of corks on eBay and we are spending that money. Our latest: The Meadows Project at B Street/Conservation Park. Volunteers have removed invasives and planted native grasses and flowers to create a Monarch Butterfly Waystation. All plantings were purchased with Corks to Trees. Volunteer in the spring for more planting!

As for your own corks, people in Provincetown drop their corks off at Pennies Wines & Spirits or Yardarm Liquors. These two local businesses have generously agreed to be our public drop-off points. But we need volunteers to pick corks up from bars and restaurants that save them for the PCT. You can "adopt" a favorite restaurant anywhere on the Cape and bring their corks to us.  

Check out our coverage in The Provincetown Banner on November 8, 2018.

Contact Sherry at

If you are a corks buyer on ebay, please email Sherry directly at