We preserve and protect our natural environment



The town has voted YES on Land Bank Funds to be used for preservation of the Dwyer Family Woodlands and creating the Hall Waterfront Park.

The Provincetown Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit (501c3) organization, founded in 1981, dedicated to preserving the woods, wetlands, heathlands, dunes and forest of Provincetown, home to a great variety of native flora and fauna, some of it not found anywhere else. These natural habitats are an important Greenway, key links in the wildlife corridors of Cape Cod, and vital to the ecological health of the United States Eastern Seaboard generally. Our uplands provide habitats not found in the Provincelands section of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

our vision

Widespread residential development, in the form of new condominiums and subdivisions, has replaced much of Provincetown's natural lands. Yet the Provincetown Conservation Trust exists because so many people have the will and the desire to protect our dunes, forests, woods, bogs, marshes, thickets and swamps, and all the creatures that depend on them.

Natives, "washashores" and visitors alike understand that our beaches, our fish and our shellfish need clean upland buffers to protect them. Our fresh water sources need clean marshlands and swamplands to filter and preserve them. Our beachfront town needs woodlands and dunes to guard it against erosion.

Despite extensive development, Provincetown's natural beauty persists, attracting artists and writers, visitors and ecotourists from around the world, and ever calling home those who were born here.