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Conservation Land 11 (12 Pilgrim Heights Road) 


Property Description

This 1.39 acre parcel along with several other similar areas were donated to The Provincetown Conservation Trust by Sumner E. Robinson in 1983.

This parcel abuts another Provincetown Conservation Trust property consisting of 8.55 acres of wooded swamp donated to us by Max Finkel and Paul McGowan in 1992.

All of this land is so preserved perpetually as open space and for conservation purposes.


Fauna and Flora

This land area of Provincetown contains Habitats of Heathland, Woods, and Shrub and Wooded Swamp; homes to a large portion of the Provincetown wildlife animal and plant species including a large impressive oak tree along the property’s path.


Animals found here

An abundance of migratory birds have been found here. Hawks and great blue herons also frequent the area, as well as red foxes.

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