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Conservation Land 6 (386 Route 6 / Race Point Rd) 


Property Description

This parcel plus four others which make up the two corners at the intersection of Race Rd and Rt 6 include 1.73 acres of pond front, dune, and fresh marsh. These parcels were donated by Dolores C. Roderick in 1985, Natale D. Roderick in 1992 and 1994 and the estate of Mary Hopwood in 1994.

A family member remembers when this area was a family farm before route 6 was built. He also remembers the Circus setting up here also before route 6.


Fauna and Flora

Pitch pines are found here as well as oak trees, birch trees and ash trees. Animals spotted in this area include red-tailed hawks, turkeys, turtles, coyotes and foxes.

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