Hi Neighbor,

I am writing to you today on behalf of the PCT (Provincetown Conservation Trust). The Trust is a group of volunteer citizens who got together in 1981 to help save some of the important habitats around town that provide a refuge for the native plants, animals and migrating birds that help make this area the unique place it is today. So far we have acquired with help from the Town and through private donations over 30 critical woodlands, wetlands, ponds and bogs that make up Provincetown’s Greenway.

The PCT’s mission is not only to acquire important lands but also to oversee and care for this land and its inhabitants; in other words, Stewardship. It is about this aspect of our mission I am writing to you today. All we wish is for you to help us watch out for this resource so important to preserving Provincetown's open spaces.

Send us an email, tell us of any problems you may have encountered, tell us about the wildlife you have seen, send pictures. We will review all of your emails, take any actions that are required and hopefully have lots of information to share with others around Town on our website.

Jim McCollum
Land Steward Trustee

Banner Photo Credit: 2/25/2016 http://provincetown.wickedlocal.com/