Contact Jim McCollum, Land Steward Director

Stewards are individuals interested in protecting land in their neighborhoods. A Trustee will meet with volunteer stewards to tour land with them and discuss the history of the property with them. 

  What Stewards Do:

  1. Monitor: Protect our lands from disturbances to the habitat by:

    • Making regular visits to evaluate any changes or threats to the parcel.

    • Writing reports on that parcel.

    • Bring any issues to the attention of the trustees.

    • Meeting neighbors and discussing the Conservation Trust and the parcel of conservation land they border. Asking for their assistance in identifying any animal or plant sightings.

  2. Document by:

    • Photographing and making notes on plant, animals and habitats found on the parcel.

    • Working with a Trustee to find and mark boundaries.

    • Recording water levels on parcel.

    • Recording invasive species and discuss remediation with a Trustee.

  3. Maintain land by:

    • Keeping trails clear of brush and overgrowth.

    • Recommending ways to safely use the land to raise awareness of the Conservation Trust and the Nature around us.

    • Acting as guides for interested persons or groups.

    • Cleaning up small liter and recording any large item dumping so that appropriate clean up operation can be executed.

    • Reporting any unauthorized use to a Trustee.