Contact Jim McCollum, Land Steward Director

This plan is intended to be implemented by a Trustee leader and a group of members interested in protecting land in their neighborhoods. Each steward would be given a card indicating their stewardship and a field book on the covered parcel. The leader will incorporate the field notes into the master field books, meet and tour land with Steward Members and hold educational meeting with the group. Any significant actions or threats would be discussed with the leader before any action is taken.

  The objectives are as follows:

  1. Monitor: Protect the Trusts lands from Human and other threats.

    • make regular visits (once a year or more) to evaluate any changes or threats to the parcel.

    • Write report (notes) for the field book on that parcel.

    • Bring any serious threats to the attention of the trustees.

    • Meet neighbors and discuss the Conservation Trust and the parcel of conservation land they border. Ask for their assistance in identifying any threats, changes, animal or plant sightings.

  2. Document:

    • Photograph and make notes on plant, animals and habitats found on the parcel.

    • Find and mark boundaries.

    • Record water levels on parcel.

    • Record invasive species and discuss remediation with leader.

  3. Use management:

    • Keep trails clear of brush and overgrowth.

    • Recommend ways to safely use the land to raise awareness of the Conservation Trust and the Nature around us.

    • Act as guides for interested persons or groups.

    • Clean up small liter and record any large item dumping so that appropriate clean up operation can be executed.

    • Report any unauthorized use to leader and discuss potential action.