Saving Provincetown's white cedar swamp

Provincetown's Atlantic White Cedar Swamp is a magnificent example of an old, well-established swamp ecosystem. The tall cedars rise from hummocks usually covered with sphagnum mosses and various other plants. This area is home to dozens of plants and animals, including Blueberry, Swamp Magnolia, Gray Birch, Swamp Azalea, Pitcher Plants, sundews, several species of orchids, various wildflowers, as well as grasses, sedges, and rushes. Many animals use cedar swamps for breeding, feeding, nesting, and resting. Some of Provincetown's rarest flora and fauna have safe harbors in these communities. 

But this area is constantly threatened with development. Development can destroy these fragile and beautiful lands. That is why Provincetown Conservation Trust has made it one of their main missions is to save this delicate wetland for future generations to enjoy.  The swamp can be found on the Fox Run trail, off the Old Colony Recreation Path. 

Below, Provincetown Conservation Trust's naturalist, Dennis Minsky and trustee Sherry Dranch lead viewers through the delicate ecosystem of the white cedar swamps.

White Cedar Swamps inspire art and creativity, very becoming of Ptown! Below is a poem about White Cedar Swamp's by our naturalist Dennis Minsky. 


If you'd like to help us save this precious area, you can volunteer your time or donate funds to the PCT mission.